Web3 Startup Studio



Techgethr is a Startup Studio that collaborates with all industries through a “Block Smart” approach to design products and new startups, applying the best blockchain and Web3 technologies and providing a long-term vision to prepare for changes, contingencies and eventualities in each process.

Our product offering is growing every day, focusing on many areas of technology, including:

  • Blockchain
  • FinTech
  • Decentralized Hosting
  • Signature and validation of documents.
  • Decentralized applications

Our proposal

Our experience and capabilities allow us to not only meet, but exceed expectations to solve the main problems thanks to Blockchain creating new startups and products along the way.


We believe that the best way to grow is to allow our collaborators to constantly learn new technologies to develop new products and startups.

Long term vision

Our approach with the different industries is to generate trust in the long term to grow together on the path of transformation, not only digital, but also organizational in our startups.


Thanks to our laboratory, every day we are experimenting with new technologies to innovate in every process.

Do you have ideas for Web 3.0?

Let's collaborate

For any type of technological initiative and digital transformation with blockchain technology, you can contact us through the form or email on the same page.

How can we help you?

We have many ways to collaborate with people and companies, thanks to technologies, and our capabilities and products.

Peer-to-peer payment gateway, thanks to decentralized technologies, taking advantage of blockchain and Interledger as opportunities.
We are creating the first 100% decentralized insurance company, controlled by all its participants for decision-making thanks to Blockchain.
Every day we are looking for new and better solutions in the world of Web 3.0. If you have initiatives, we can work on them together.