About us

We are


Techgethr is a Startup Studio that collaborates with all industries through a “Block Smart” approach to design products and new startups, applying the best blockchain and Web3 technologies and providing a long-term vision to prepare for changes, contingencies and eventualities in each process.

Our product offering is growing every day, focusing on many areas of technology, including:

  • Blockchain
  • FinTech
  • Decentralized Hosting
  • Signature and validation of documents.
  • Decentralized applications

Team and capabilities

With a constantly growing team, made up of professionals with extensive experience, we are prepared to solve the main challenges of the industry with decentralized technologies.

Our focus is to be technology agnostic, which allows us to create the best products and startups.

Néstor Campos

Founder and Technical Manager

Marcela Leiva

Administration and Finance Manager

Marcela Leiva