Decentralized Insurance Company

We are creating InsurDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) thanks to Blockchain technology that allows any person or entity to participate in the development of the first 100% decentralized insurance company in Latin America, both in initiatives and in decision-making.


InsurDAO, as a decentralized organization, is made up of government tokens (INSUR), which allow their owners to participate in decisions, create voting processes to execute or change any rule.

Everything is designed using smart contracts, which allows everything to be controlled by technologies without human intervention or conflicts of interest.

Decentralized insurer

We are creating a decentralized insurance system, governed by InsurDAO, so that anyone can buy policies and pay with cryptocurrencies, while allowing other people and companies to deposit liquidity and obtain additional income by adding cryptocurrencies to the funds to finance available insurance.


Take part

If you want to participate in InsurDAO, we will soon enable the platform to be an active actor and owner of InsurDAO like everyone else.

If you have questions, you can write to us at contacto [at]